Webfish Dropdown menu

Webfish Dropdown Menu gives the site admin the alternative to add a dropdown menu. This plugin does not require any programming or adding lines in the source code. Simply just activate the plugin, rename a menu, then customize it from the admin panel.


  1. Download the plugin at WordPress.org
  2. Upload the plugin source to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Rename the menu you want to use as dropdown (Apperence>Menu). Make sure the menu’s name starts with ”wdd”
  5. Customize the menu in Apperence>Webfish Dropdown


This plugin does not support the following at the current version:

  • Background images for the submenu
  • Multiple dropdown menus


Can I add the dropdown menu with a function call?
Sure, the function is named webfish_dropdown_menu(). It takes the same argument as  wp_list_pages. If you use this function the dropdown menu will be displayed no matter the menu name.


This is the admin interface.

Here is an example how a dropdown menu could look like.


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0.9.15 (2012-03-17):
Fixed minor CSS issue in Chrome.

0.9.14 (2011-06-31):
Added support for vertical menus.

0.9.13 (2011-01-06):
If menu_id was set in the arguments, the menu stopped working. This version ignores the menu_id parameter.

0.9.12 (2010-10-13):
A theme developer can add the dropdown menu through a function call.

0.9.8 (2010-09-24):
Fixed an issue with the name of the plugin. Now is the CSS working as it should.

0.9.7 (2010-09-11):
Removed blocking debug code.

0.9.6 (2010-09-10):
Added the activation hook on a more correct way.

0.9.5 (2010-08-26):
Fixed a blocker on the admin page.

0.9.3 (2010-08-25):
I created it.

  • http://nop pescadito

    hi, i tried it but it doesn’t work.
    what do you mean vertical menus isn’t supported?
    i tried it over twenty ten theme, i do a wddmenu, i use it in primary sidebar
    footer, but nothing change.

    do you have any idea?

    best regard, pescadito

    i could help you with the spanish translation if it work

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    Vertical menus has its elements under each other. Twenty ten has a horizontal primary menu. Twenty ten has also a built in dropdown menu. If you are planning to use Twenty ten in the future, there is no need for this plugin. But most theme has not this functionality built in.

    Have do defined your menu correctly? Have you defined levels? Have you named it to like: wddMenu?

  • http://nop pescadito

    hi tobias and thank for read my comment

    you are correct, twenty ten have the dropdown menus but there aren’t
    options to modify the dropdown menu style (css ), so i think in this plugin

    i have defined the menu adding some categories to the dropdown box, one
    category below the other, no levels. i named it ‘wddmymenu’

    it’s ok to use this plugin to style the dropdown menu widget?

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    pescadito: The menu is like a normal menu now right? You have to define levels.
    One menu item has to be a subitem to an other in the menu admin panel.

  • http://www.eeepc.dk/ Christian Brix

    Some people might think that this dropdown menu takes over the main navigation menu automatically. That is of course not the case.. This only takes over the Custom menu you have renamed. So only if you are displaying that custom menu somewhere this dropdown takes over.

    It would be great to have a description saying how this plugin could be used for taking over the actual main navigation menu. (This would propably require changing header.php in some way.)

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    Good point. I assumed that everyone was using the new menu system introduced in WordPress 3.
    I’ll add the functionality you require in the next update.

  • http://www.coconutz-costarica.com/wp Matthew

    Hi Tobias,
    Would you be willing or able to post the modifications needed in order to have the plugin take over the main navigation menu? I assume it is just some shortcode called in the header.php, no?


  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    @Matthew and @Christian: I have just updated the plugin and the FAQ on this page.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • http://dubaiupa.com Patrick

    (Newbee) Hi. I am having a go with your dropdown menu plugin, and I would like to tweek the positioning. If you have a look at my site http://dubaiupa.com the Home menu option has an even red block behind it. Top and bottom. The other menu options seem to cut the bottom off. How can I adjust the size/position to make the other menu have the same even red background top and bottom??


  • http://www.brucebandfanclub.nl Brendebr

    Hi! The Webfish dropdown menu looks great, but I can’t seem to find how I can integrate the plugin in my main navigation (www.brucebandfanclub.nl). I want a dropdown menu for the menu-item ‘Band’. Can anyone explain how to do this?

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    Hi. Please read the installation notes.

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  • Rachel

    I am new to wordpress. I installed the WDD menu and it works, but I can’t figure out how to apply the submenu. I added a page to the custome menu (WDD) but I don’t see any option for adding a submenu item.

  • Rachel

    How do I create a submenu? I added one page to the menu, and it works, but I don’t see any options for adding a submenu. This is my first time trying wordpress.

  • John

    I dont see ”(Apperence>Menu)” anywhere in appearance…what am I missing? Step #4 makes no sense to me. Please advise :)

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    @Rachel: you just drag the menu item a little bit to the right.

    @John: You must use WordPress 3.0 or higher.

  • http://www.kismama-portal.hu Gizella

    Hello Tobias,

    I have a Hungarian site http://www.kismama-portal.hu which runs under WPMU, so this is a multisite homepage such as a portal. Each new homepage within the main homepage serves as a site in the portal. (see these menupoints: Kreativ Onismeret, Mese Csillanyoval, TB es Munkaugy, KISMAMA COACHING, Zenekincs, Reka Blog). I want them to be under the menupoint called ‘Rovatok’ (sites). As you can see I have no menupoint called ‘Rovatok’, since this is a kind of summary menupoint, it has no content, so I have no such page set. How can I achieve this new menupoint in wdd? Is it clear to you what I want to achieve?

    Another question: How to set the setting of your plugin? More precisely, it would be warmly welcomed if you could explain to me how to calculate the appropriate(!) height, width and line height and the positioning of the submenu (top, right, down, left) pixels exactly?

    Thanks for answering,

    Have a harmonius day:-)


  • http://www.kismama-portal.hu Gizella

    To make it more comprehensible:

    I want to replace the third menupoint from the left with a menupoint called ‘Rovatok’ (You know it is only a ‘summary’ menupoint, there would be no page belonging to this menupoint.) And the sites (listed in my previous comment, eg., Kreativ Onismeret) would go under it.

    Can you tell me how to create the menupoint ‘Rovatok’ and how to calculate the exact positoin of the submenu (top, right, down, left) as well as the height, width and line height of the submenu?



  • http://blueholemedia.com roback

    How do I get 2nd and 3rd level sub menus? I am using WP 3.1 with the WP menu tool and this plugin. the first level drop down works fine, but a 2nd level dropdown is not working.

    Please advise how I can get this to work.

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    A 2nd level of submenys are not user friendly nor SEO friendly. That’s why I havn’t spend any time on that feature.

  • http://blueholemedia.com roback

    Would there be a way to implement it?

  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    Yes. First of all you have to consider if you have to have that many pages in the menu.
    If that’s the case you could use sidebar menus. See my dynamic subpages plugin.

  • http://pageresizedonhover ken

    i’m not sure why but my page get’s resized upon hovering over the dropdown menu. I’m using the verticle function so i’m not quite sure if this is the expected behavior. I’m assuming some yui or css is causing this with my theme it would be nice to overwrite this behavior. Any suggestions? otherwise i’ll just dig into the code.


  • Boudewijn


    I am working with your plugin it works great but I have some compatibility problem with IE9.
    You can look at it on http://www.aijv.nl/wp
    Have you got any idea how to solve this?



  • Erik

    Hi, great plugin but I think I may have found a bug in IE8. The sub menus pop out when I hover over them but when I move my mouse to the submenus it closes. This is not an issue in Chrome or FF, please help me fix this!! Thanks.

  • Heinz


    Finally I found a plugin that automatically replaces the WP Chameleon navigation menu. How can I get the webfish menu items to be right justified?

  • Ross


    I’m wondering if there’s a way to keep the menu expanded once a child is clicked (eg. on the ”Contact Me” page under ”About”).


  • http://www.tnyholm.se Tobias

    No, this menu does not have that feature. This menu is written with CSS. I don’t have a good solution to you. The easiest is to use a javascript menu and then make some modifications.

  • http://collagegallery.org tehowe

    Hello, great plugin, I’m trying to figure out how to centre it on the page though. How do you do that? Thanks! I’ve linked to the page above.

  • http://www.tnyholm.se/ Tobias Nyholm

    Center the menu or the menu items? You do it with CSS either way.

  • http://www.belovedagency.com Wagner

    I’m having compatibility issues with Chrome (PC and Mac). Only in Chrome does the menu have extra kerning. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a fix?

  • http://twitter.com/Mahiya2d Mahiya Sultana

    who can i use this on my site here… http://news2d.com

  • Scott Race

    Guys, I like this plugin – for some reason it is not working, I’m wondering if I am doing something simple wrong.

    I have called webfish_dropdown_menu(); in my header.php

    I have named my menu wddMenu, it’s the only menu I have defined in Appearance > Menu.

    Shouldn’t it work from there?  It’s still using my menu order from my pages > Attributes > order section.

  • Scott Race

    Anyone have this trouble? I like webfish but might have to use a different plugin if I can’t figure this out.

  • http://www.tnyholm.se/ Tobias Nyholm

     Hi. When you are using the webfish_dropdown_menu() it is the same as wp_list_pages(). If you want to use the wordpress admin menu editor you should only name the menu  wddSomething and it will work.

    In your case: Change webfish_dropdown_menu to the original wp_nav_menu function.

  • http://www.tnyholm.se/ Tobias Nyholm

    Have you found a bug in IE8? Report it to Microsoft. I didn’t make that shit browser. =)

    Anyway, of course I’ll try to make the plugin work for all major browsers. I will debug this as soon as I can get my hands on a Windows machine.

  • abraham

    hi i like the plugin. but it only works when we entered into admin area. It didnt work in client window?
    Anybody help me please

  • http://www.facebook.com/wende.ballew Wende Ballew

    Number 4 makes absolutely no sense to me. Rename it how, rename it what?

  • Rob

    Thanks for the plugin. Im using the WP theme: 2010. It allows me to tell it which menu to use as a header menu. I used WP custom menu widget to create my header menu with 3 items in it. I installed your plugin, and renamed my header menu with wdd in front part of name. However, the menu does not become a dropdown for me. Is there something I am doing wrong? THANKS!!

  • Adam Wotherspoon

    is there a way to use a background image for the sub-menu?

  • Rob

    Is there a way to make the parents non-clickable?