Email Subscription

The plugin gives your visitors the opportunity to subscribe to future posts by email. The register form is a widget. You can see a full list of your subscribers on the admin page.


Download the plugin at
Upload the plugin source to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


You can use the widget from the ‘Widget’ menu. There is also an administrator page where you can manage your subscribers and change the content of the emails.


Your server must be able to send mail. There is a test in the admin menu.

The plugin uses wordpress schedule events to send emails. The schedule events is running at every page load. That means that if you have no pageloads, no mails will be sent.

This plugin has nothing to do with the (more advanced) WordPress built-in user registration/subscribe.


How can I make links clickable?
-You may use HTML in the email. Write something line this: ”<a href=”%post_url%”>%post_title%</a>”

When will the mails be sent?
-The first mails will be sent about 15 minutes after you publish a post. After that emails will be sent every minute. Check out the debug page for more info.

All my emails disappeared after I updated to version 1.2.x. Help me!
- Your emails are not gone. Sometimes there is a problem with the upgrade of the database. Try inactivate the plugin and activate it again.

The test mail is not sent, what should I do?
-Check your PHP configuration. Make sure you got Postfix or sendmail installed on the server. This issue is out of the scope of the plugin. Try google for ‘PHP mail’.

I want feature X, when will it be ready?
- The quickest way to add a new feature is by making a PR on GitHub.

What do I do if I don’t get any emails?
-Emails will be sent if you answer ‘yes’ on the following questions:

  • Can you send test emails?
  • Can you see your email in the subscriber list?
  • Have you waited 15 minutes after you’ve published the post?
  • Have you had any traffic on your website after those 15 minutes? (Browse some pages on your site to allow WP_Cron to execute.)


The only language of the plugin is English.


1.2.2 (2014-04-07):
Fixed update issue. If you had problems with your emails disappearing in previous versions they will come back with this update.

1.2.1 (2014-03-11):
Added some better documentation. Fixed issue with empty subscription list. Added functionality to backup subscription list when running the installation.

1.2.0 (2014-03-08):
Added support for Polylang. Fixed issue with excerpt. Added functionality to import and export a list of subscribers. Added a debug page where you could see some info about what’s happening under the hood.

1.1.10 (2013-08-28):
Fixed typos.

1.1.9 (2013-07-29):
Updated bug with the %post_author% thanks to Marty.

1.1.8 (2013-04-16):
Made some smaller fixes. No emails will be sent when you publish a page. The issue with the ajax request when wordpress is in a subfolder is fixed.

1.1.5 (2013-04-12):
Fixed selling error and the issue with future posts.

1.1.4 (2013-02-20):
Fixed the issue with resending emails on post edit. Very much thanks to Gibson Starkweather who emailed me with a solution.

1.1.3 (2012-08-30):
Fixed UTF-8 issue in mail subject.

1.1.2 (2012-08-28):
Added HTML support in emails.

1.1.1 (2012-08-28):
Fixed the issue with emails are being sent on post update.

1.1 (2012-08-28):
An admin may now remove subscribers. Also fixed some issues with %post_excerpt%.

1.0 (2012-06-12):
I created it.

  • Thoptek

    I instal this plugin, because i interested it, and I save this on the setting page. I did not change anything, I left everything to the default values.

    Under pushing the test button, then the test e-mail is arrive. Perfect! 

    Widget subscribe form is already exist, and I subscribe my 2 different e-mail adress.
    Next stepping I create a new post (2), I waiting the 20 minuts, and the e-mail is not coming when i more times reloading the page.

    Please, tell me, what is the problem?
    My  test page:

    Many thanks is!

  • Lui

    Now I noticed that when a different e-mail addresses registered, you always write the error message link field: I do not see the admin panel registered e-mail addresses I do not know what could be the problem.

  • Damn Digital

    How should I trouble shoot why the test email isn’t being sent?

  • Tobias Nyholm

     Check you PHP installation. Have you installed Postfix or sendmail on the server? That is way out of the scope for the plugin.

  • Lui

    I realized what is wrong. If registration is not enabled in the wordpress settings, it does not sign either. Well done Thanks Lui.

  • Vitor F. M.

    How can I help you to translate?

    I can translate it to Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • Vitor F. M.


  • Tobias Nyholm

     I’ll send you an email in a hour or so. Thanks

  • Raffi

    Hi, I tried out your widget, but somehow it doesn’t work properly. When I enter an email address and push the Subscribe-button, then there’s neither a message that it worked nor one that it didn’t work. The tables in the database are empty too. Do you have any idea, why this is happening? I’m running my own localhost-server.

  • Evan

    The unsubscribe feature doesn’t appear to be working for me. It takes me to my themes default 40 page. Is there any way I can fix this?

  • Evan

    *404 page

  • boris

    The unsubscribe feature doesn’t work for me…Is there a way to fix this?
    Thank you.

  • steve

    This plugin don’t work

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Have you tested that your server are able to send emails?

  • hco

    The unsubscribe feature doesn’t work for me…Is there a way to fix this?
    Thank you.

  • LilSnead

    Hi, ever since I installed this tool, my site is now sending emails from / any way to turn that off?

  • Tobias Nyholm

    I’ve made a smaller change in that part of the plugin. Please report back if you still have this issue.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    The plugin does not change any emails settings in the PHP runtime configuration nor wordpress settings. Take a look at the plugins admin page to see what changes that can be done.

  • Iri

    Hi, i installed it, my server can send emails, but it doesn’t work.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    There is a test in the admin page. The test uses the PHP mail() function. Make sure PHP can send emails in order to get the plugin to work.

  • Iri

    I send Test email and it’s OK, but when I publish, doesn’t receive email.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    It takes about 15 minutes, and you need some traffic on your page. Just click around a little bit.

    Also make sure that you are on the subscriber list. (Check the admin page)

  • Reinhard

    Hi, everything runs perfectly well except unsubscribing. I always get the following message ”Not Found The requested URL /wp-content/plugins/email-subscription/unsubscribe-9de4aa7bc1609b20/ was not found on this server.”Any idea what should be checked first in order to pinpoint this error?

  • Tobias Nyholm

    I’ll send you an email. I want to find this bug.

  • iri and ilia

    I change 15 minutes to 1minutes.
    In the same webserwer (php,mylsq,apache,dns1) i install 2 wordpress:
    With wordpress 3.2.1 = mail users add to sql, but don’t wont send mail

    With wordpress 3.4.1 = all work perfect!

  • ilia

    I change 15 minutes to 1minutes.
    In the same webserver (php,mylsq,apache,dns1) i install 2 wordpress:

    With wordpress 3.2.1 = mail users add to sql, but don’t wont send mail

    With wordpress 3.4.1 = all work perfect!

  • Chrissie

    hi there, i’ve installed the widget, test email was fine. But i did not receive email when I published after 15 minutes.
    Just went to check my admin, there are no subscribers in the list.
    Try several time but it’s still the same.
    Can you please let me know what to do?

  • Nathan Sealey

    All the emails the widget sends go to the spam folder of people’s emails. Is their anyway to fix this?

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Hi. That is a server and email protocol setting. That is way(!) out of the scope for any plugin. Talk with your hosting company.

  • Kevin

    Could there be a feature added that would allow me to import a list of addresses that already exist?

  • Brightergy

    I’m having the same issues as Raffi – also, when I change the email the site is sending from (from our web developer’s address to a company email address), and click save, the test message is still being sent to our web developer’s address.

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  • Rohit

    When I enter an email & hit the subscribe button, the whole form disappears & no message is shown.
    I am using WP 3.3.1

  • Leander Bindewald

    Hi, thank you for the plugin. Is there a way to not have it send emails when ”re-pubishing” a post, e.g. after making minor edits in the post´s text or changing the tags? Seems everytime I do this all subscribers are send an email as if the post was brandnew. Thanx in advance, Leander

  • philips

    do this nice plugin, does it supports unsubscription :D?

  • philips

    I found out the reason is because in the email-subscription.js, author had a fixed url of:
    //send message just the drthom drblog”/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” <– which if you using subdomains(e.g, the url for post will be wrong.
    this will no

  • philips

    test email sents, subscription works, but no email after a new post after 15mins(tried it few times)

  • Mr. Premium Patio

    I have downloaded this widget and installed it on my side which was nice and easy. I dont know how to send emails out to the subcribers? Any assistance would be appricated.

  • Jackie

    One of my clients uses this plugin and it works fine, except people are getting notifications of posts every time they are edited. Is there a fix for this?

  • ebaron

    Subscribers are receiving updates every time I edit a post. Is there any fix for this, so that they’ll only get an update when the post initially is published? Help!!

  • Aleksander_Karaoke

    Thanks :-)

  • a

    Hi, thank you for the plugin. Is there a way to not have it send emails when ”re-pubishing” a post, e.g. after making minor edits in the post´s text or changing the tags? Seems everytime I do this all subscribers are send an email as if the post was brandnew. Thanx in advance, Leander

  • systems dude

    I have the same problem. Any suggestions?

  • avneesh

    unsubscribe url is not working,
    what should i do?

  • Ash

    Great plugin! Would it be easy to setup a rule to set the maximum amount of emails per day? If I create 10 posts in a day, I’d want to limit the emails to 3. Thank you!

  • mikeleib

    just trim off the leading / in the post argument

  • Alberto

    Hello and thanks for this great plugin.

    My blog is in spanish and I want to translate the text (from, subject, body…) of the emails that I send to my subscriptors.

    I’ve been editing these texts in the email-subscription.php script and uploading it again to my hosting but the emails received after that are still in english.

    Sample: //add some options
    add_option(‘emailSub-subject’,'Nuevo artículo en ‘.get_option(‘blogname’));
    add_option(‘emailSub-body’,”Hay un nuevo artículo en %site_url%.Puedes leerlo aquí: n%post_url% ”.
    ”nnnn Si quieres darte de baja de la lista de correo, sigue este enlace: %unsubscribe_url% ”);
    //add_option(‘emailSub-from_name’,'El administrador de ‘.get_option(‘blogname’));
    add_option(‘emailSub-from_name’,'El administrador de Más verde en tu vida’);
    add_option(”emailSub-posts_processed”, array());

    Any other script to modify?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Nicklas

    Yup, +1 on that – nothing happens, just blank. Console also says admin-ajax.php returned a 500 status (Internal Server Error). Sounds fun, yay.

  • Nicklas

    Philips posted a solution for it a few comments down. Go to the plugin’s folder, open the assets folder, then open email-subscription.js. At the top of the file, edit the string where it says ”/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” to match your websites URL. If WP is installed at /blog, the correct URL would be ”/blog/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php”. An even better solution would be to dive into header.php and add this: ”var wp_root_url = ”;” just before , and then in email-subscription.js you could just write ”wp_root_url + ”wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” ”, that way it will be dynamic and always work no matter what type of URL you have.

  • Julian Claus

    For me the excerpt doesn’t show up, only the the first words of the content.

  • Julian Claus

    I have another question: How can I allow Javascript in sent e-mails?

  • efwefwe


  • efwefwe


  • efwefwe


  • 박성민


  • 박성민

    테스트 괜찮네요

  • Libby S

    Hi. Some of our subscribers are reporting that the email links they receive are ”dead.” By this they mean they aren’t hyperlinked / clickable. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

  • joji

    helo….i got the respose status 200, but my email address is not inserted into data base. Pls help me.But works fine in localhost-server

  • FoxyDomi

    Hi, thanks for the plugin… My question : I have also the plugin Email template which works perfectly, but when emails are sent when a new post is posted, emails don’t go through it. But when I test my server configuration, it goes through the Email template plugin….
    Any issues ?

  • Amy Mayen

    I had a designer redo my site design & suddenly my email subscriptions stop working. Test email works. She says it’s not her problem, that the plug in is messed up & I have to find a new plug in. Is there a reason why it won’t send emails?

  • gnfoster

    Anybody know how to easily keep the plugin from emailing ”pages”? I wan’t to inform subscribers of ”posts” only.

  • Dhiraj Kumar

    I am using the wordpress version 3.3.2. I have intalled this plugin. Is This plugin operable for this version of wordpress. As i havenot got any email..

  • Dhiraj Kumar

    I have installed and subscribed for the blog posts. but i donot recieved any email after posting a blog…

  • Dhiraj Kumar

    hello.. any one have idea about Current subsribers ? no list is showing…

  • Jens

    Actually, the problem is that the url is absolute, it should be relative to work. If you change ”/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” for ”wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” (notice the missing first slash) then it should work fine no matter whats your blog base url. In fact this is a bug and the plugin should be updated to use a relative url.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Sorry for beeing inactive here. But remember that I do this on my free time and I don’t get a penny nor a link in return.

    I have fixed this issue. I use the site_url() function to get the proper path to admin-ajax.php.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    updated! (finally)

  • Tobias Nyholm

    no list= empty list

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Try updating the plugin

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Update the plugin to 1.1.8 and the issue will be fixed

  • Anup

    I am not sure that its work properly for custom post type. is it tested?

  • pravin thkr

    dont you have any demo available ?

  • KimberlyRae

    Hi there! Thank you for your Exciting plug in! However, when sending the widget to my sidebar it does not even appear! I must be doing something wrong….helpppppppp!

  • Ozh

    Nice plugin, seems to be what I was looking for. You should consider adding a form to easily edit the list of subscribers, that would save the hassle of adding each email one by one when you migrate from another service such as Feedburner.

  • Ozh

    Bug report: when you use quotes in the email template, they are escaped in the email (”There’s a new article”)

  • Ozh

    Critical security alert and last message from me because I’m stopping using that plugin after a few tests: since you don’t use nonces anyone can submit arbitrary data to your blog’s admin-ajax.php. I highly recommend NOT TO USE that plugin.

  • Kristian

    Thank you.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Sure anyone can submit arbitrary data. I’m fully aware of common security issues and you should too before making posts like this.

    The email address is filtered with the wordpress is_email() function. That means only valid emails may pass. When I insert the email into the database we will go through more SQL-injections checks.

    The plugin is safe and you need to learn about WordPress.

  • Per-Ola Eriksson


    I like this plugin. It works for me, but I can’t make the unsubscribe to work. It gives a 404 error.

    The requested URL /wp1/webfish-email-subscription/unsubscribe-7a2ed3432d7ea520/ was not found on this server.
    Is there perhaps a setup that I have used wrong?

  • Jacques Balzer

    I’ve found a workaround for that:
    in the text of the message replace ‘ by & apos; or & #39; (without the space after the &) : when you save the settings they will be replaced by the ‘ character.

    BUT replace them all before you save the setting: if not the remaining ‘ will appears again as ‘ (and of course replace them again if you modify the text of the message later) .

    BTW: Thanks you Tobias for this plugin.

  • Jacques Balzer


    I’ve found another ”bug”: when using the %post_author% field in the text of the message it is replaced by the user ID (1, 4 … ) in the db and not by his display_name (or user_nicename).

    Any idea of how to fix that?

  • Cris

    I have this same issue. The user is sent to a URL, but you need mod_rewrite for this URL to work. I modified it so that instead of
    it reads
    This seems to work. The email is removed from the list. But then I’m redirected to
    which just shows the normal blog landing page, there is no ”successfully unregistered” message. Is this by design? How can I give the user a message?

  • Lucila

    Hi. Im using this plugging, but its not working properly. When I receive the email, the link with the new post doesnt come as a link. I mean, i have to copy and past in a new URL. How can I do to make the post as a directly link?
    Tks a lot.

  • instantkarma

    When my email sends… the link to ”continue reading” doesn’t work! any suggestions??

  • Andrew Buckman

    I just wanted to alert you to a problem with your plugin code in email-subscription.php lines 430-431 (where you force the wp_rewrite rules to flush). You really can’t do this for a number of reasons. It’s breaking any rewrites added after your plugin initializes (from other plugins or theme functions), not to mention it’s flushing the rewrite rules every single time someone loads a page which could potentially be a huge performance issue. The rewrite flushing should be moved to a function that runs only when someone first activates your plugin, not attached to the init action.

  • Marty Hirsch

    Here is a fix for the problem with the email containing a number instead of the name of the author.

    In email-subscription.php, find line 127:

    function emailSub_prepareString($str, &$post){

    Replace this function with the following code.

    function emailSub_prepareString($str, &$post){
    if (isset($post)) {
    $user_info = get_userdata($post->post_author);
    $login = $user_info->user_login;

    ‘%post_author%’=>$login, // $post->post_author, // THIS FiXES THE PROBLEM
    ”n”=>”,//we send is as html


    return $str;

  • Matthew @ Humpybong

    How complex can the HTML be in the email template? I’ve tried it using tags with basic style attributes but I think the quotation marks are degrading on saving the template and the resultant emails are coming through as a mess. Any thoughts?
    Otherwise its a great plugin in its simplicity.

  • BeverlyEverson

    Some recipients are not getting my post notifications and others are. I have been unable to figure out why some aren’t sent. They are not being filtered as spam. My web host checked and cannot figure out the problem either. Help!

  • Cruisers Corner

    Hi All,
    I have installed this plugin and it appears to function properly at the point of entering a subscriber email. The screen message appears after submitting the email- Thank you for subscribing. Then when the current subscriber list in accessed from settings there is no emails registered. The test email works fine as well. Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    There are 3 possible reasons to your problem:

    1) You got the wrong email address

    2) Your server is blocking you to send too many emails at once

    3) You got poor traffic to your site so the cron invalidates the cron tasks.

    If you believe that number 3 is most likely, try to change the value ”5″ on line 72 in email-subscription.php:


    The value tells how many emails that should be sent in each request. Try with ”10″ to send many emails at once or ”2″ if you believe you got plenty of traffic.

    A high value means longer loading times when you are sending emails…

  • chrysopoeia

    I have a *very* basic understanding of PhP and need to combine subscription to a newsletter with subscription to new posts. Users already use a newsletter plugin to subscribe to the newsletter. How would I send the user’s email address *from* the newsletter plugin *to* this plugin, so the email is also added to the post subscriptions? I assume a simple code segment is all that’s needed, but I don’t know enough to figure it out on my own. (I am learning…!)

  • Roman

    Hi, I tried to use the plugin. It appears in the widget, but after pressing the button I just get the …/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?success_msg=Thank+… etc. in address bar. and ”0″ as content, i.e. it loads this page instead of processing ajax… any thoughts?
    I’m using WordPress 3.6.1

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Sound like you have an Javascript error.. What does firebug say?

  • Manish


    i want to ask one thing ..locally i have used the plugin..but when i see my mail then no mail found..??

    can you please suggest me??

  • Paras

    Hi i want to deactivate Subscription Pluggin from my website, please let me know how can i do that as im not been able to see any option of it in an admin pannet

  • Short Tales

    Hi, I’ve been using your plugin with no problem for months, but for some reason it did not send out an email for my last post (it’s been several hours). I’m using Version 1.1.10 with WordPress 3.5. Any ideas? Thank you so much!

  • Short Tales

    Hey, nevermind. The emails finally went through, just took much longer this time. Thanks for the plugin!

  • Jakob

    I have the same problem. Did you find any solution?
    I’m using WordPress 3.7.1

  • imnepalblog

    It’s great plugin.

  • Sumit Rathore


    First of all, tons of thanks for such wonderful plugin. I have been using for sometime now.

    Well, recently, I have added around 200-300 email id’s in the database and after that I dont get the email for my new post.

    I have checked the TEst email and its working, I am getting the test emails.

    Is there any problem with the number of email id’s.

    Please help.

    Also, Can I explicitely send emails through it, ie Can i explicitely trigger it , jsut in case if needed.
    If yes, then how ???

    Please reply, ASAP ..

    - Sumit

  • Andreas Møgelmose

    I have modified the plugin to add compatibility with the Polylang plug-in for multi-language sites. Basically, when a user subscribes his chosen language is recorded, and he will then only receive notifications when a new post of that language appears. Tobias, write me if you’re interested in adding my code to the plug-in (I could not find a better way to contact you, nor a Github where Ii could commit a pull request). It still works for sites without Polylang.

  • MJ

    really thanks for the add one, simply put the only free one really working with half html support i was able to find
    but the widget seems to have problem on some browsers, many can’t subscribe, i decided to use something else to collect emails, then add them manually but there is no option in the backend!

  • John Beck

    Mine sends a link to my new post, but it’s only visual. You can’t actually click it and go there. This just started happening. What should I do?

  • LB

    The plug in has suddenly stopped sending emails, any suggestions?

  • John Beck


  • John Beck

    Alternative plugins anyone? This one seems to have stopped working.

  • Garoo

    How can I make the email sent RTL instead of LTL?

  • LB

    Emails still not sending.. .ANYONE???

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  • kim1

    could it be that the plugin doesn’t work with a specific template?
    I get

    in the URL and;
    0 the screen!

  • kim1

    Theme is raindrops

  • Andy

    I’m currently using your Email subscription Plugin for WordPress, it works exactly as I need it to (thanks by the way!) but I have a small issue with automated emails to alert Subscribers of new posts that doesn’t happen with the test mail or any other mail from the Blog, the subject line gets garbled and looks like this: = ”?UTF8?B?TmV3IHBvc3Qgb24gSVQgV2Vla2x5IEJsb2c=?=” there are no special characters in the subject though there was initially…

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    That is the base64 encoded value. Please email me with your server environment and email client and we’ll try to figure something out.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    The plugin is independent from the theme.

  • Alina

    After updating to the latest version of the plugin I noticed today that all my subscriptions are gone! Both on the ”Export” and the ”Debug” page within the plugin it says 0 and shows no E-Mail addresses anymore… and silly me did not save them :( Is there any way to retrieve them?

  • Tobias Nyholm

    I’ve haven’t noticed such behavior from any tests nor have I gotten any similar bug reports. Check your database with a tool like PHPAdmin. Or else I recommend you to get a DB backup from your hosting company.
    The database update is handed by WordPress and they are not likely to screw thing up..

  • TheTechieGuy

    Hi – after the newest version I cant find any of my subscribers. It worked perfectly before this update.

    When I go to Export, I get these:

    One line per email:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/thetec13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/email-subscription/admin/export.php on line 51

    semi-colon seperated:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/thetec13/public_html/wp-content/plugins/email-subscription/admin/export.php on line 53

  • TheTechieGuy

    same issue for me – 0 subscribers since the update. Even after I do a manual import and add a new user, it still says 0. I can send a test mail and that works fine but all my subscribers are no longer there.
    Where does / did it store them ?

  • Alina

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    I cannot find anormalities with my database and managed to get a backup from the day before I ran the update.
    However, just like the other person said, I cannot import addresses into the updated plugin (running on WP 3.8.1 btw). It tells me adding was successful, but the subscribers list remains empty. Mysterious!

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Are all emails there or just some? Have you read the text just below the import button?
    ”When clicking on the import button it may take a while for the page to refresh. The time it takes is depending on the amount on emails you are importing. When the import is finished and you still see some emails in the import box, it means that those emails were malformed.”

  • Alina

    The table wp_emailSub_addresses still showed all e-mails but whatever I entered through the plugin would not update the db table.
    I restored my database to pre-update, made yet another fresh plugin-installation and finally it works again! Sorry for the trouble! For some unknown reason the connection between the plugin and the database had been cut off…

  • Anne

    Rookie question here. I can’t find a way to test an email with my html in it. So I’d like to know, will this work? %post_title%

  • coverland

    I just installed this and think it’s pretty cool but will reserve WAY cool for the moment. lol. How might I make it so any links that are emailed, are clickable? They currently are not and a user is required to copy and paste. Clickable is much more convenient. Thanks

  • silicon28

    Same thing happened for me – just with the last update and about 20 of my email subscribers are gone completely – I can’t even find any table in the database to correspond with those I know I can import. Did a test with about 3 or 4 imported email addresses and they aren’t there either. Really frustrating; everything was working wonderfully before this.

  • Egyzzz

    Hello, I want to adapt this email subscribtion plugin to my webpage. There are ”Call to action” widget in my webpage template, especially for email subscriptions, with special CSS. And I need Form action code, to integrate your plugin to my webpage. Can you help me?

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Done! Check out version 1.2.1.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Use HTML

  • Tobias Nyholm

    True.. that’s not a feature yet. Submit an issue on Github and I’ll have a look.

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Fixed in version 1.2.1

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Have a look at the HTML on the widget. You’ll see the form action there. (wp-admin/admin-ajax.php)

    You may also find it interesting reading the contents of the ajaxCallback.

  • john

    There is no way to separate and view subscribers in their own mail server. I set up the widget and subscribed and the email never showed up anywhere.

  • Guest

    There is a problem with ”
    My template like

    converts to something like
    i.e. you convert ” to ”

  • Tom

    nice plugin, ideas/wishes: customize unsubscribe-url (slug) and substitute ul with div in widget

  • Michele

    hello can anyone tell me what is wrong with my coding I thought HTML was allowed in the email that gets sent when you post a blog

    You can read it here at:

    The Homemade Gardener

  • Michele

    OH BOY sorry I thought it would show up as coding let me try this again I’ll remove the first bracket…what am I missing beside this ”The Homemade Gardener

  • Tobias Nyholm

    This is fixed in 1.2.2

  • Tobias Nyholm

    Make an issue or preferable a PR on Github.

  • slug.mouth

    It would be great if emails could be sent for a specific CATEGORY only. I hate messing with the more advanced plugins that accomplish this like Subscribe2 for example. Is there anyway this simple feature could be added to the admin where only a Certain CATEGORY POST will send an email instead of every post? Thanks for the great plugin Fish.

  • Jennifer

    Do you have an ”embed code” that I can use in a page to link to the email subscription if my mobile site does not support widgets?

  • Alex

    Hostgator remove this plugin from my word press blog bcoz it sending a large amount of mails coming from your account to subscribers. they send me below notice .

    pl shut out it urgently.


    We have noticed a large amount of mails coming from your account
    recently. Upon further investigation we found that your script is being
    abused by a bot signing up or filling out a comment form repeatedly to
    send spam. We will need you to install a bot trapping function such as
    recaptcha in order to prevent any further abuse from these spammers.
    Please do so immediately to prevent your account from being disabled for
    continued spam. A link to recaptcha is posted below, but please check
    the support forum or help documentation for your application on how to
    install this for your specific script. Thank you and please let us know
    if you we can be of any assistance to you.

    Enabling password protection on directory: /home2/warrier/public_html ”

    After installing recaptcha ,Again same problem came and they disable my blog.


    Yes, unfortunately we were forced to disable the plugin in question in
    order to mitigate the abuse. We do apologize for any inconvenience this
    may pose. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.

    Warm regards,

    Aamir A.

    Security Administrator LLC

  • Teri

    How do I see the list of subscribers?

  • madhur

    Hi, I have installed this plugin, but test mail is not working. I have made the changes in wp-config.php as given on debug page. Plugin version is 1.2.2, someone please help!!

  • Marco Smeets

    At DEBUG menu I get:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method DateTime::setTimestamp() in wp-contentpluginsemail-subscriptionadmindebug.php on line 60

  • Yuri

    Hi, I have this same problem. I’m using WordPress 3.9.1 and the wierd thing about this problem is that it only fails on small screens. I have setup a theme in foundation (5) which is responsive. The Email subscription widget is on all screens (small, medium and large) but only on small it’s not working.

    The code it fails on is in /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:

    // Require an action parameter
    if ( empty( $_REQUEST['action'] ) )
    die( ’0′ );

    The ’0′ from the die function is what I see on screen.

    Firebug doesn’t really say anything, so not sure if it’s a Javascript error. I have tried to add some alerts inside the jquery code of email-subscription.js but couldn’t really get any further with that.

    Do you have any further suggestions of what to look for? I have already tried to enable debugging, but since this is not really a PHP error I can’t find anything useful in the logs.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • jason

    how does subscriber automatically unsubscribe themselves?

  • Adrian Segar

    I’m having the same problem. Server is Apache (Dreamhost)
    PHP 5.3.27
    SQL 5.1.63

    Build 5.1.56-log
    Charset utf8
    Wordpress 3.9.1

  • benjammmin

    I get the same thing. Help?

  • Amy mayen

    Readers are unable to unsubscribe from the link in emails. It directs them to the post or homepage. Please help!

  • Amy mayen

    The unsubscribe link doesn’t work, it directs readers to the home page. How do I fix that?

  • notobella

    Is there any way to utilize this plugin outside of a widget area? A shortcode or something? That would be super helpful! Thanks.

  • marcie @ flavor the moments

    Hi — a web designer set up this plug-in for me, and users are unable to unsubscribe. When ”unsubscribe” is clicked in the email, the user is taken back to my website and nothing happens. How can an Admin unsubscribe users?

  • Jake

    How can I send a test email of the HTML code for the email subscribtions?

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  • ff9

    Hi,thanks for the plugin, but I have a problem… I can not unsubscribe. When I try I get Error – Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. I saw a problem like mine in the comments below, but I couldn’t see an answer for that bug. Thank you.

  • David Wees

    Is there a way to include the site style sheets (or maybe a specific style sheet) in the email? I’d prefer the formatting of HTML emails to look a bit more like my website.

  • David Wees

    Never mind, I just found your suggestion to use Mail Chimp, which I think makes perfect sense.

  • Costin Marinescu

    Hi! Is there a way to see the email subscription list? Thanks!

  • estar69

    Is there a way to attach a stylesheet to the outgoing email?

  • jmp

    It’d be great to add a feature which allows subscribers to choose one ore more post categories to subscribe to. Are you thinking of adding such a feature?