WordPress plugins

Here are our official WordPress plugins. All our plugins listed here is free for download. They are all licensed under a GPLv3 license. It means that you can do what ever you want (almost) but you cant remove credits from the author. If you need any changes on any plugin feel free to leave a comment on the plugin page and we’ll see what we can do.

If you like one of our plugins we would appreciate if you gave us a donation or a link to help us continue developing wordpress plugins.

Dynamic Subpages
This plugin creates a widget menu of the pages related to the current page. The benefits with this plugin compared with a predefined menu is that this menu can change from one page to an other.
Email Subscription
The plugin gives your visitors the opportunity to subscribe to future posts by email. The register form is a widget.
Growyn Search
Growyn Search allows you to add a widget with a growyn searchbox on your site. You can also get the search box with a function call. Let your visitors do environmental friendly searches on your site!
Optimized Latex
Latex is a great language to use when you are writing mathematical formulas. This is an optimized version of two other latex plugins. It is easy to use but the latex syntax is tricky. This page will give you some examples.
PHP Image Cache
This plugin cache images with PHP. Other cache plugins depends on your server settings. If you don't have the appropriate server settings enabled, then your images will not be cached with the other cache plugins.
Require thumbnail
This plugin simply prevents users to publish a post without a thumbnail.
Seo Friendly Table of Contents
This plugin puts a table of contents on your page. You just need to type [toc="2,3" title="Table of contents"] in the page/post editor. That's it! You dont need to edit your themes source code.
Simple adsense
This plugin gives you six textboxes where you can write anyting, like ad-codes. Then can you display the contents of such box with a widet, a function call or just type [adsense_id="1"] in the editor.
Webfish Dropdown menu
Webfish Dropdown Menu gives the site admin the alternative to add a dropdown menu. This plugin does not require any programming or adding lines in the source code.